How LAUSD Practices Budget Deception and Who Pays the Costs.

LAUSD Out Maneuvers UTLA in Public Relations Students need low class sizes, psychologists, counselors, librarians and teachers that are motivated to do one of the toughest jobs in America, yet the dictators of public funds always cry poverty in the face of reasonable demands. Their number one tool is propaganda to manipulate public opinion. AsContinue reading “How LAUSD Practices Budget Deception and Who Pays the Costs.”

UTLA Funds the Problem, Not the Solution

Dear UTLA brothers and sisters and community supporters, our union leaders take our money and give it to our enemies. We have to change this before we are able to build real political power in LA.   I recently attended a UTLA PACE meeting to gain a better understanding of how this committee furthers theContinue reading “UTLA Funds the Problem, Not the Solution”